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East Providence became an independent Rhode Island town in 1862 and lies at a crossroad on water and on land. The properties being proposed for development as East Providence Harborfront at Bold Point have views of the Upper Narragansett Bay and Seekonk River and overlook the Providence skyline. There are many features that enrich the area and enhance the neighboring community.


Watchemoket began to develop as a suburb of Providence in 1840, and during the late 1800s and early 1900s, Watchemoket Square evolved as the heart of East Providence’s business district, with more than 100 businesses and hotels. The area was altered by the I-195 highway interchange that cuts through what was once the center of the district. It is the most centrally located, populated area of the city and is experiencing renewed interest and development of its buildings, waterfront and landscaping. 

Rhode Island town
Rhode Island town


The East Bay Bike Path is the first multi-town bike path built in Rhode Island by the RI Department of Transportation. Extending nearly 14.5 miles, the mostly bayside path connects neighborhoods, schools, business districts and crosses eight parks: India Point Park in Providence, Bold Point and Squantum Woods in East Providence, Haines and Veteran’s Memorial Park in Barrington, Burr’s Hill Park in Warren, and Colt State Park, and Independence Park in Bristol.


Just past the Washington Bridge overlooking Bold Point is the location of Fort Hill. It is the site of former military defenses dating back to the American Revolution and the War of 1812. Located at the site were once a ring of defensive positions protecting approaches toward Providence.

Rhode Island town
Rhode Island town


Sitting between the cities of East Providence and Providence lies Green Jacket Shoal, a 33 acre-area in the Providence River that has become known as Rhode Island’s largest ship graveyard. To date, 26 abandoned and wrecked ships — barges, sailing vessels and steamboats, including the Mount Hope and Bay Queen – have been discovered in the shallow waters of the shoal, along with destroyed docks, pilings and a once-floating dry dock that was the first of its kind on Narragansett Bay. In addition to providing protective habitat for fish, birds and marine mammals, the ship graveyard encapsulates the social culture, economic structure and technological capabilities of the day.


Bold Point Park is a perfect location for outdoor concerts. Last summer’s concert series was a huge success. Enjoyed by local residents and visitors from far and wide.  

Rhode Island town
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